When you are buying glasses for a special occasion or inviting guests over, do you know which ones to use for your drink of choice? If you think glasses are a one-size-fits-all circumstance then this article is for you. Here is Say It With A Gift’s Guide To Choosing Our Glassware so that your friends and family will think you are a drink connoisseur.

 1. Toasting Flute

You should use a flute for sparkling wines or champagne as you want a design that helps retain the bubbles as long as you can. The stem also enables you to hold it without affecting the temperature of the champagne. The nucleation of the glass preserves the bubbles. The rim of the flute is small which limits the amount of exposure to air.

2. Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner is a special type of light-colored lager beer which originated in the Czech Republic. Today, it is among the most favored beers because of its taste. Types of pilsner include Czech, German, and Imperial. The pilsner glasses are designed for a beer that has much carbonation which helps to retain the foam longer.

3. Whiskey Glasses

You can use a whiskey glass for drinks with no ice, on the rocks, or cocktails that require whiskey. Standard sizes hold between seven and twelve ounces. The glass is versatile so you can muddle ingredients in the glass because of the thick base and wide opening. 

4. Beer Mugs

Obviously, the name gives it away that this mug is ideal for beer. However, the style may not be so clear since beer mugs are designed to retain the foamy substance that forms after you pour the beer. The grains produce compounds that evaporate when it comes into contact with air. The foam traps them and retains the aroma longer.

5. Wine Glasses

While there are many wine glass variations, standard forms contain a stem which helps restrict heat to your bowl. You might notice people smelling their wine. That is because of the larger rim opening that flutes do not have. The general rule for wine glasses is that red wines work better for wide openings, and narrower rims are better for white wines.

6. Mason Jars

Mason jars are for every type of drink from a cold, iced tea to a cocktail jartini. The robust design keeps your drinks cold, and the jar’s handle helps you hold it with care while also not touching the glass where your liquids sit. It also has a thicker glass design which is ideal for hot or cold beverages.

7. Stemless Wine Glasses

As this glass has the same design shape as our stemmed wine glasses, it can be confusing as to why someone would want stemless glassware. This design is modern and provides a less formal use for wine drinking. People who use stemless glasses are also less worried about spillage or breakage.

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